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SGLT2i – can they trigger DKA in people without diabetes?

Dr Simon Curtis
12th August 2021

Bill is a 75 year old patient with chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. Despite being on furosemide and maximally tolerated doses of losartan and bisoprolol (he did not tolerate spironolactone)...

Lateral Flow Tests

Dr Laura Darby
5th August 2021

Lateral flow tests (LFT) are becoming an ever increasing part of everyday life. Following their initial role in screening of health and social care workers they have since become available to the general...

Infected by Freedom

Dr Neal Tucker
29th July 2021

The doors are open, the masks are off.

You're Awesome

Dr Simon Curtis
22nd July 2021

Last year during the first wave of the pandemic the public stepped back, the NHS stepped up, there was a huge sense of gratitude and goodwill towards all the NHS and staff. Remember the Thursday night...

Summer Fever - unseasonal RTIs in Children

Dr Simon Curtis
15th July 2021

I was duty doc yesterday and like all GPs recently I spoke to a number of parents worried about their small children with fever, cough and respiratory symptoms. Strange given that we are in high summer,...

Vaccine Heartache

Dr Neal Tucker
1st July 2021

“I had my covid vaccine a few days ago and now I’ve got this pain in my chest and my breathing is more difficult than usual”.

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