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Vivid, violent dreams and REM sleep behaviour disorder

Dr Simon Curtis
27th April 2023

I remember well a patient in his late 70s, let’s call him Bill, who came to see me a few years ago reporting increasingly vivid dreams. This had come on over the previous few months. His wife said he had...

PFS: What is it and what do we need to do about it?

Dr Rob Walker
20th April 2023

Gemma is 28 and is worried her allergies are worsening. Her spring time hay fever is worsening and she was eating some kiwifruit the other day (one of her favourite fruits) and she started developing itching...

Back to the nineties? Hormonal contraception and breast cancer

Dr Simon Curtis
30th March 2023

GPs of a ‘certain age’ remember well the panic after the Lancet paper in 1996 that showed a link between the combined pill and breast cancer. In combination with a health alert the year before linking...

What’s the point of point of care tests?

Dr James Seddon
23rd March 2023

I remember, a good few years ago now, my GP trainer telling me that “GPST2 is about knocking the hospital out of you; not every patient needs a CRP.” She was, of course, absolutely correct. Now here I...

Chickenpox exposure in pregnancy – avoid rash mistakes

Dr Rachel Brettell
16th March 2023

For most of us, when chickenpox strikes, it’s an itchy nuisance for the kids and a childcare headache for the grownups. But for pregnant women, as discussed here, it can result in life-threatening disease,...

Coming soon to you: Direct access imaging for suspected cancer…Maybe

Dr Rob Walker
8th March 2023

How to improve timelines for cancer diagnosis has been a hot topic for years. The Long Term Plan (LTP) for cancer announced in 2019 boldly set out to increase the number of patients diagnosed with early...

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