New Depression Guidelines: NICE menu, but where are the chefs?

Dr Simon Curtis
25th November 2021

Carol comes to see you. She is 45, recently divorced, has a stressful job, has money worries and she is struggling with her teenage children and increasingly dependent elderly parents. Life is tough for...

WAAW and time to reconsider amoxicillin in childhood LRTIs

Dr Rob Walker
18th November 2021

18th-24th November this year marks World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) - an important yearly reminder about the impact antibiotic resistance has on global health and the crucial role we have in General...

Sometimes it’s a zebra…spotting emergency MSK presentations in primary care

Dr Simon Curtis
4th November 2021

Sally is 65 and normally pretty fit and well. She is slim and has psoriatic arthritis which is very well controlled with low dose methotrexate, so when I saw her on a Monday triage list with back pain...

Are you prepped for PrEP on the NHS?

Dr Laura Darby
14th October 2021

Let's talk about staying safe as we get closer together.

The Blame Game

Dr Neal Tucker
7th October 2021

It’s been a rough few weeks for general practice. Attacked by the press and politicians with a largely fictional narrative, our voice of reason has lacked an outlet. The result? Despondency, discontent,...

Bronchiolitis, experienced as the doctor-parent

Dr Laura Darby
30th September 2021

Earlier this summer I found myself on the other side of the fence: the worried parent of a child admitted to hospital with bronchiolitis.  

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