Panic disorder – do the drugs work?

Dr Simon Curtis
29th September 2022

Mike is on the phone. He has suffered from panic attacks all his life, but over the last few months they have become much more common. They are recurrent, can be unexpected and the fear that they will...

Hot Topics GP Update Autumn Preview 2022

Dr Simon Curtis
15th September 2022

Have you been too busy this year to keep up with the journals and guidelines? Do you want to practise up to date, evidence-based medicine? Do you want to be inspired thinking about the interface of patient...

A bit more Muscle to the debate on statin side effects

Dr Rob Walker
8th September 2022

Much like the grey figure of John Major from Spitting Image, the topic of muscle side effects and statins may seem both inherently boring and very ‘old news’. So when I was forwarded the latest Lancet...

Is combination therapy a worthwhile OPTION for painful diabetic neuropathy?

Dr Simon Curtis
1st September 2022

Amir has diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain (DPNP). It’s affecting his sleep and making him depressed. He describes burning, electric shock type pains in his feet and a deep, unremitting pain in his...

Hot weather, older people, antihypertensives and low potassium

Dr Simon Curtis
18th August 2022

Like you, I’ve sweated through a few duty doctor sessions during the latest heatwave. I’ve received some ‘frank and honest’ feedback from my colleagues that scrubs plus shorts is not a good look, but hey...

It's not about the Serotonin

Dr Neal Tucker
4th August 2022

“So, it’s about serotonin. Low levels cause depression and these medications help to restore serotonin to it’s normal level.” 

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