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Obesity– it’s big news again, but what to tell our patients?

Dr Stephanie De Giorgio
8th June 2023

Last night the government announced a £40million programme to expand the use of new obesity treatment medications, to a pilot of community based GP led clinics. The details are yet to be clarified, but...

Prescription drug dependence- EEEEEasier with the 5 E’s

Dr Rachel Brettell
1st June 2023

Prescription drug dependence is always going to cause you a fair few grey hairs, particularly if you manage a patient list. This is partly due to the sheer number of patients affected – according to a...


Dr Siobhan Becker
25th May 2023

How do you respond when you receive a letter from a private ADHD clinic asking you to prescribe Concerta? With a sigh and roll of the eyes? With a slight sense of discomfort, maybe even panic? Or with...

Tick borne encephalitis

Dr Laura Darby
18th May 2023

It’s a busy duty list and you have a call with a concerned parent. Anna has just returned from a seaside holiday in Dorset. Her 5 yr old son Alex has a low grade fever of 38C, and is a bit off colour....

We need to talk about periods

Dr Rob Walker
11th May 2023

I’m sure most of us find it extraordinary that in 2023 periods and their impact can still be regarded as a taboo subject by many. However, there have been positive steps to help redress this in the last...

How can we improve care for autistic people?

Dr Laura Darby
3rd May 2023

The QCQ have recently published a report entitled ‘How you see me matters: perspectives of autistic people using primary care services'. The purpose of the report was to shine a light on the specific challenges...

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