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S3 E11 - Self-monitoring BP in pregnancy, ezetimibe or PCSK9 inhibitors for CVD risk & a treatment for alopecia! Plus interview with Aarti Bansal & Veena Aggarwal on Improving Asthma Care & Sustainability in the NHS

6th May 2022

In the latest Hot Topics podcast from NB Medical Dr Neal Tucker discusses the latest research important in primary care and interviews two experts in improving asthma care and sustainable healthcare.

S3 E9 - The RCGP Membership Fee Song; Working weekends; Covid in hamsters; The Triple F*** Syndrome; Child mental health; Recurrent UTIs

18th March 2022

In the Hot Topics podcast, Neal Tucker discusses the latest primary care news and research. This week:

S3 E8: The end of covid; accuracy of lateral flow tests; new DVT algorithm; remember Zika?

25th February 2022

In the latest Hot Topics podcast with Dr Neal Tucker, we reflect on the government removing covid measures and how this affects general practice. 

S3 E7 - Covid blues song; racism, nationalisation, incentivisation; new covid drugs; does continuity help?

4th February 2022

After not being out the house for 13 days due to him and the kids having covid, Neal Tucker uses the Hot Topics podcast for a bit of escapism.

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