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SGLT2 inhibitors for heart failure – hope or hype?

Simon Curtis
3rd October 2019

This month has seen the publication of the DAPA-HF trial in the NEJM, a trial which has got diabetologists, cardiologists (and the pharma company…) very excited as it adds weight to a growing evidence...

HRT – confused?!

Zoe Norris
17th September 2019

I have been qualified as a GP for almost 13 years; it’s taken me at least ten of those to work out what to do with HRT. Not just the basics, but to really feel that I’ve got a handle on counselling women...

The Polypill - is it making a comeback?

Simon Curtis
3rd September 2019

Do you remember the polypill? That iconic BMJ cover from back in 2003, claiming it would prevent 80% of heart attacks? Well, the polypill is threatening a comeback, as it has been in the news again this...

COURSE PREVIEW - Hot Topics GP Update Course Autumn 2019

Simon Curtis
22nd August 2019

The Hot Topics GP Update course is a fun, inspiring and informative day packed with learning points to take away to use in practice. We make it easy for you to maintain focus on the day by keeping our...

Green with Asthma

Neal Tucker
15th August 2019

How can I be more green? Cycle to work? No more steak? Stop my inhaler…?

Time to rationalise our use of inflammatory markers

Rob Walker
1st August 2019

I can still remember my first weekend on call as a surgical house officer - rushing around on the morning post-take ward round when a radiology request card was thrust in my hand, and I was sent like a...

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