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Diabetes, the Covid Cinderella

Dr Simon Curtis
3rd June 2021

You take a call tomorrow from Mr Ali. He is 68 and has type 2 diabetes. He is calling about recent onset heel pain and has what sounds like plantar fasciitis. You give appropriate advice, signpost self-help...

Conjunctivitis in the under 2s: Eyeing up a problem with chloramphenicol

Dr Rob Walker
27th May 2021

It would be fair to say that eyes are generally not my thing. Watching clamped eyes being operated on makes me squeamish and removing corneal foreign bodies with the help of a 21 gauge needle and a slit...

Atrial fibrillation: are we losing touch with the diagnosis?

Dr Simon Curtis
6th May 2021

As every GP knows, we are life-saving superheroes. We put on our superhero capes every day, we fly to work (Is it a bird? Is it a plane?) and we save lives. Between us, we save literally thousands of lives...

Remote consulting - time to reassess and evolve the model

Dr Rob Walker
29th April 2021

Hands up who is finding life tough in General Practice at the moment? Certainly me for one, and if our straw poll from the Hot Topics webinar last Saturday is anything to go by, I am not alone (thank you...

Inhaled Corticosteroid for COVID: A New Hope?

Dr Rob Walker
21st April 2021

Hands up who is feeling a bit bruised after the last few weeks of General Practice? It suddenly felt like the flood gates opened further and the demand surged, and I suspect many of us are feeling a bit...

Lung Cancer Diagnosis in 2021

Dr Kate Digby
15th April 2021

The days are getting longer and there is a sense of optimism in the air along with quote D:Ream (1993), 'Things can only get better' (apologies if that has planted an ear worm that you won't...

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