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Women's Health for Primary Care

Stephanie De Giorgio
23rd May 2019

If you have turned on the TV or radio in the last week, you will probably have seen or heard some of the coverage of the menopause on BBC Breakfast, and discussion around Louis Theroux’s incredible documentary...

GI and CV risks of NSAIDs

Rob Walker
9th May 2019

Arthur comes to see you to review his medications. Your practice has conducted its first data collection on NSAID prescribing for the new prescribing QI domain, which has focussed on reviewing people with...

Perinatal Mental Health Awareness

Stephanie De Giorgio
30th April 2019

Perinatal Mental Illness will affect up to one in four women from the time of conception until a year after birth. It is therefore hugely common, but sadly suicide remains the leading cause of death of...

Optimising end of life care with Daffodils

Simon Curtis
18th April 2019

Optimising end of life care for our dying patients has always been a high priority for primary care. It has simultaneously been one of the most rewarding and yet also challenging things that we do. When...

How to help teenagers with mental health problems?

Simon Curtis
21st March 2019

Sarah aged 15 comes to see you with her Mum. Over the last few months she has become quieter, withdrawn, not seeing friends or going out as much. She has stopped going to her dance class and other things...

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