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Home BP monitors - reassuringly cheap and accurate

Dr Rob Walker
20th January 2022

Which blood pressure monitor should I buy doc? I hope it won’t cost too much…I’m sure all of us will have had this, or a variation of this question from patients over the past few years. There had been...

ME/CFS – Top 5 learning points from the new NICE guideline

Dr Simon Curtis
13th January 2022

In late October 2021, NICE published their new guideline on myalgic encephalomyelitis or encephalopathy/ chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) NICE NG206 2021.  As could have been predicted, the guideline...

New Year's Resolutions Revisited

Dr Neal Tucker
30th December 2021

Happy New Year!

Molnupiravar for COVID in the community: will it be a Christmas Cracker or a Complete Turkey?

Dr Rob Walker
16th December 2021

It’s been a pretty depressing week or two. A new COVID variant spreading and restrictions coming back are giving a sense of Deja-Vu from last Christmas. Primary and Secondary Care are chock-a-block and...

Emperor - Preserved

Dr Rob Walker
2nd December 2021

I am, by nature, a late adopter in life. Whether it’s fads, tech or fashion I tend to let things roll for a bit to see how they pan out before considering my options (although my kids will argue I never...

New Depression Guidelines: NICE menu, but where are the chefs?

Dr Simon Curtis
25th November 2021

Carol comes to see you. She is 45, recently divorced, has a stressful job, has money worries and she is struggling with her teenage children and increasingly dependent elderly parents. Life is tough for...

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