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Prescribing cascades and a chance for a bit of de-prescribing

Dr Rob Walker
10th March 2021

Sylvia is a pretty fit 83-year-old who has a remote consultation with you. She is getting puffy feet and ankles, and she is fed up with it. She’s put up with it for 6 months without calling, as she knew...

Antibiotic prescribing in acne - can we all do our little bit to reduce antibiotic resistance?

Dr Rob Walker
3rd March 2021

There have been so many challenges to ‘best practice’ during the COVID pandemic, it sometimes feels a bit overwhelming knowing where we can start to re-engage with important areas of individual and public...

Hot Topics GP Update Course Spring/Summer Preview

Dr Simon Curtis
2nd March 2021

The Hot Topics GP Update Course is a fun, inspiring, and informative webinar-based course packed with learning points to take away to use in practice. You can either do the course LIVE to get the full...

Bowel Cancer and the new test very much FIT for purpose

Dr Rob Walker
10th February 2021

Thank you so much to all of you who joined us for a great live webinar on cancer care last Saturday. With well over 300 colleagues logging in all the way from the Scottish Borders to the south of England,...

Gabapentinoids - the next drug in the analgesic hall of shame?

Dr Rob Walker
27th January 2021

In amongst a global pandemic, primary care carries on unabated, as does the seemingly never-ending list of prescriptions in our workflow! One group of drugs I’m sure you will all have signed off this week,...

COVID Positivity

Dr Neal Tucker
20th January 2021

I walked out of clinic with a smile on my face today. This is a novelty of late. But this was no ordinary clinic, this wasn’t 11 hours of virtual consultations and human isolation. This was a COVID vaccination...

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