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S1 E12 - Coronavirus Special: Covid-19 in the Community

27th March 2020

In this week's NB Hot Topics Podcast Neal Tucker looks at the latest developments in the coronavirus literature including data on hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin combination treatment, why lockdown alone is not enough and why coronavirus modelling won't help us.

S1 E11 - Coronavirus Special: Lessons for General Practice

20th March 2020

In this week's NB Hot Topics Podcast, Neal Tucker looks at what lessons we can learn in general practice to help us prepare for and fight the coronavirus pandemic.

S1 E10 - Coronavirus Special: Making General Practice Great Again

13th March 2020

With all the stress and uncertainty Coronavirus has placed on the world and the health service this special podcast Dr Neal Tucker looks how we as professionals and humans are coping with COVID-19, what we need to know from the rapid changes in guidance over the past few days, and where we may be going next.

S1 E9 - Coronavirus pt.3, Salt and BP, Eggs and CVD, Why All Blood Tests are Wrong

6th March 2020

In Episode 9 of the NB Hot Topics podcast, Neal Tucker looks at the latest on coronavirus, guidance for primary care and how other countries have managed the infection. In other news he discusses the 2020 Marmot report and our patients' "Lost Decade".

S1 E8 - Coronavirus pt.2, Propranolol Overdose, CKD screening, Big Data and GP

21st February 2020

This week in the NB Hot Topics podcast Dr Near Tucker looks at the latest news including propranolol overdose and assisted dying, examines the latest research from around the world on Covid-19 and from the UK on CKD screening, then explores the murky world of big data and computer-assisted medicine and how this will affect us in general practice.

S1 E7 - Coronavirus, Isolated Diastolic Hypertension & Varicella Booster

7th February 2020

In this NB Hot Topics Podcast, Dr Neal Tucker takes an in depth look at coronavirus, the data that scientists need to predict whether it becomes a pandemic, and how this affects UK general practice. He also reviews new research on isolated diastolic hypertension and whether treating this improves outcomes, and on the booster theory for adult exposure to children with chickenpox. As well we look at the latest news in cluding Ian Paterson and the new GP Contract.

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