S3 E13 - "Plans for change", Panorama and Partnership; NICE Traffic Lights, internet based CBT for trauma; opioids post-surgery

17th June 2022

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In this new episode of the Hot Topics podcast from NB Medical.  Dr Neal Tucker reflects on a busy week in the politics of UK general practice: "plans for change" from the English health secretary, but the head of primary care for NHSE says partnerships aren't going anywhere. Meanwhile, Panorama highlights the challenges for private companies running NHS GP practices. Where will it all end up? Answers on an e-consult, or email us at hottopics@nbmedical.com.

Meanwhile, there is some research! Important new data from the BJGP on the accuracy of the NICE traffic light system for fever in <5yos suggesting those old GPs might have been right all along; also can internet-based therapy for PTSD be as good as traditional therapy? And is there any role for opioids post-surgery?

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