S3 E12 - Monkeypox song; more about monkeypox; keeping the frail mobile; preventative medicine - what is it good for?; treating mild hypertension in pregnancy - right or wrong?

25th May 2022

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Welcome to the latest Hot Topics podcast with Dr Neal Tucker.  This week we think about monkeypox. Do we need to worry? What do we need to look out for? Can my pet rat give it to me?

Beyond a disease very few of us are likely to ever see, we look at new research on improving mobility in people with frailty and sarcopenia - can exercise classes and nutrition make a real-world difference?

We consider a BJGP paper on preventative medicine - why don't we do more, what are the barriers and what really works?

Our final piece of research examines whether treating mild hypertension in pregnancy is beneficial or detrimental to mother and baby. Are the NICE guidelines right?


Monkeypox info UK gov & WHO

BMJ Maintaining mobility in older people with frailty

BJGP Prevention in practice

NEJM Treating mild hypertension in pregnancy

NICE Guideline on chronic hypertension in pregnancy

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