S3 E10 - How racism influences guidelines: interview with Dr Dipesh Gopal; does a 4th covid vax work? acute covid complication risk, breast pain & cancer, UTI & Abx, iron supplements

8th April 2022

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Welcome to another Hot Topics podcast with Dr Neal Tucker.  In this busy edition, we discuss whether national guidelines are affected by bias against race or ethnicity, potentially driving health inequalities. GP and researcher Dr Dipesh Gopal joins us for an interview to examine issues around NICE hypertension guidance.

In new research, we have papers on whether a 4th covid vaccine dose actually provides additional protection, how long patients remain at increased risk from acute covid complications after infection, whether breast pain and cancer are linked, how women feel about delayed antibiotics for UTI and what is the optimum dose schedule for iron supplementation in anaemia.

Next podcast we'll be interviewing the founder of the Greener Practice network, which has just published a new website - www.greenerpractice.co.uk - full of useful resources to make GP more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Back after Easter.


1. Lancet editorial on Ockenden report

2. Kings Fund review of NHS Patient Satisfaction survey

3. BJGP Breast pain and cancer

4. BJGP Non-antibiotic treatment of UTI

5. BJGP Iron supplementation review

6. BMJ Risk of VTE/bleeding post-covid

7. NEJM 4th dose covid vaccine

8. Greener Practice website

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