S3 E9 - The RCGP Membership Fee Song; Working weekends; Covid in hamsters; The Triple F*** Syndrome; Child mental health; Recurrent UTIs

18th March 2022

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In the Hot Topics podcast, Neal Tucker discusses the latest primary care news and research.

This week:

  • Reflecting on NHS England's PCN stipulations - general practice finds itself in a lose-lose situation. Is it a coincidence it comes just as a think tank backed by the health secretary pushes for all GPs to be salaried? 
  • Research:
    • Hamsters can give you covid. What should we do? Lancet
    • The Triple F*** Syndrome - a different way to think about personality disorder? BJGP
    • What do young people with mental health issues value from general practice and what helps. BJGP 
    • Durability of maternal COVID antibodies in infants - is natural infection or vaccination best? JAMA

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