S4 E7: NHS in crisis, still... Molnupiravir for acute covid, healthy lifestyle for dementia, patient perspective on FIT

27th January 2023

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Welcome to another HOT TOPICS podcast from NB Medical with Dr Neal Tucker.  In the podcast cast we reflect on the latest commentaries from the political parties and medical organisations on how they can help with the NHS crisis. We can’t promise a solution, but we can help you stay up to date with the world of research.

This week we have new research in the Lancet examining whether molnupiravir actually helps acute covid, whether dementia can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle even if you have high risk genes, and what patients actually feel about FIT tests and we the way we use them in GP.

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Lancet acute covid treatment

BMJ Dementia and healthy living

BJGP Patients perspective on FIT

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