S3 E6 - Stating the obvious, treatment time after VTE and CVA; best meds for obesity

14th January 2022

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Happy New Year! Welcome to a new episode of the Hot Topics podcast with Neal Tucker.

In this episode, we have a look at research that states the obvious (non-covid infections went down during lockdowns) and why we feel the need to formalise it. We also look at new research suggesting a shorter duration of anticoagulation may be appropriate after provoked VTE in younger people. We have new research showing the benefits of thrombectomy after stroke for well beyond a 6-hour window. We also have research showing which drug option may be most effective to aid weight loss.

No songs today - too busy writing the Spring Hot Topics course - but a smattering of Dad jokes. Don't say I didn't warn you...


BMJ Infection rates during covid measures

JAMA Duration of anticoagulation after provoked VTE in <21yo

Lancet Successful time limits for thrombectomy post-CVA

Lancet Pharmacotherapy for Obesity network meta-analysis

GP Horizon

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