S3 E1 - Heath secretaries, COVID boosters, Quadpill for BP & Cannabis for pain

17th September 2021

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Welcome, to Season 3 of the Hot Topics podcast with Dr Neal Tucker.

In this episode, we lament why Health Secretaries appear to hate healthcare. We also look at the rationale for covid boosters with new research on the vaccine response in the immunosuppressed and waning efficacy in the general population.

In other research, can a 4-in-1 pill be a helpful 1st line treatment for hypertension?  And should we all be prescribing medical cannabis? The BMJ says yes, but not how.

A technical issue today means the SQ is not my best (or muppet-itis), but I've figured it out for next time!


BMJ Report Covid Vax & Immunosuppressed

NEJM Vaccine Efficacy 6 months on

NEJM Israel & 3rd Dose Results

Lancet Quadpill & BP

BMJ Medical Cannabis

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