S2 E10 - Inhaled steroids for COVID in GP; risk of COVID in adults with kids; 3 days of antibiotics for pneumonia; more semaglutide stuff

26th March 2021

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Big news in this new Hot Topics podcast as we discuss very positive data on the role of inhaled budesonide for early mild COVID in community-based patients - the STOIC trial may radically change our management of COVID but why hasn't this been a huge story and should we wait to change our practice?

Also, we look at a BMJ paper examining the risk of catching and dying from COVID if you are an adult with children at home, a Lancet paper looking at only 3 days of antibiotics for pneumonia and more data on semaglutide and it's role in weight loss and improvement in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.


STOIC website and pre-print

BMJ COVID and kids cohort study

Lancet Pneumonia trial

Lancet Semaglutide and weight loss in T2DM

NEJM Semaglutide and NASH