S4 E9: "Do The Maths" song; JOMT interview - Dr Sam Merriel talks about prostate cancer; also antibiotic resistance, nitrofurantoin failure, kidney stones

10th March 2023

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Welcome to the Hot Topics Podcast with host, Dr Neal Tucker.  In this bumper edition, we have the next in our Just One More Thing series. We interview Dr Sam Merriel in collaboration with Prostate Cancer UK, talking about what we need to know in the world of prostate cancer. Should we be screening? Do we need to think beyond PSA? Does new technology change our approach?

In the news, we look at the latest RCGP data on workload and whether GPs will strike, while in research we have a BJGP paper on why antimicrobial stewardship interventions may not have the impact in real life that they do in trials, a BJGP analysis of nitrofurantoin (and other antibiotic) failure in men with UTI, and a NEJM paper testing whether thiazides help renal stones.


Free on demand NB Clinic with Prostate Cancer UK, March 2022

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PCUK Resources for Delivering the PCN DES

PCUK 30 second Risk Checker for Patients

Research discussed by Sam Merriel

...Lifetime risk of PCa by major ethnic group in England

...Family history risk for PCa

...Genetic risk scores for PCa in patient with LUTS

BJGP Implementing Antimicrobial Stewardship in GP

BJGP Nitrofurantoin failure in men with UTI

NEJM Hydrochlorthiazide and renal stones

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