S4 E8: JOMT Interview with PCRS chair, Dr Katherine Hickman; pushing bad pills, eye drops for myopia, CVD risk prediction in cancer survivors

17th February 2023

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Welcome to the Hot Topics podcast with Dr Neal Tucker.  In this episode, we speak to Dr Katherine Hickman, current chair of the Primary Care Respiratory Society, who answers our three Just One More Thing questions on what we need to know about from primary, secondary and future care with asthma.

In new research, we discuss a paper on how pharmaceutical companies spend more money promoting less effective drugs, how atropine eye drops in children can delay myopia, and whether cancer risk prediction tools are accurate in cancer survivors with their inherently raised CVD risk.



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JAMA Drug spending on low clinical benefit drugs

JAMA Atropine eye drops in kids to delay or prevent myopia

Lancet CVD risk prediction tool accuracy in cancer survivors

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