S4 E4: Continuity; maternal mortality; Just One More Thing: Sarah Davies discusses diabetes

18th November 2022

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Welcome to the new Hot Topics podcast from NB Medical with Dr Neal Tucker.  We're dealing with heavy topics today - the Autumn Statement, how losing continuity is detrimental to patient care, maternal mortality in the UK - but we've tried to keep it light in other ways including our new segment: Just One More Thing

In Just One More Thing we interview primary care experts across a range of specialties asking 3 questions: what one thing do we need to know about in general practice regarding your specialty, what one thing do we need to know about that's happening in secondary care, and what is pushing the boundaries of medical care in your field. This week we talk to Dr Sarah Davies about diabetes.

In research, we consider the implications of two BJGP papers on correlations between practices and patient continuity, while in the BMJ this week a new paper highlights a significant discrepancy in maternal mortality ratios between 8 European countries. Are there lessons for general practice here?


BJGP Continuity paper no.1

BJGP Continuity paper no.2

BJGP Editorial

BMJ Maternal Mortality paper

BMJ MM Editorial

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