S4 E2: Gestational Diabetes, CVD risk & modifiable factors; roflumilast for psoriasis; bronchodilators for non-COPD smoking symptoms

30th September 2022

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Welcome to the new Hot Topics podcast from NB Medical with Dr Neal Tucker.  After a whirlwind week where general practice has been populistically politicised on all sides, in this episode we stay on safer ground and look at new research.

The BMJ highlights the future risk of cardio- and cerebrovascular disease after gestational diabetes, even without overt diabetes, but offers some good news regarding the optimisation of risk factors. JAMA introduces roflumilast for chronic psoriasis, as a cream, not a tablet. And the NEJM explores whether there is a role for bronchodilators in people with COPD who don't have COPD - symptomatic smokers with preserved lung function.


Best research title of the podcast award

BMJ GDM and CVD risk

BMJ GDM and modifiable risk factors

JAMA Roflumilast for psoriasis

NEJM Bronchodilators for smoking Sx with preserved lung function

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