S4 E1: Supplements + sweeteners aren't good for your health, autoimmune disease & CVD risk, statin & muscle pain, open source diabetes

9th September 2022

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Welcome back to the new series of the Hot Topics podcast from NB Medical with Dr Neal Tucker.  A sober start with the death of the Queen yesterday and reflecting on the pressures of general practice and the profoundly sad story of Gail Milligan. 

But the progress of medicine never stops and there is research to discuss:

  • Papers in the BMJ on whether artificial sweeteners cause harm, and whether supplementing vitamin D really does reduce respiratory and covid infection risk.
  • A Lancet paper on autoimmune disease and an increase in cardiovascular risk, but in whom and how much?
  • Another Lancet paper on the actual rates of statin-induced muscle pain (a little but not a lot...)
  • And a NEJM on whether hacking diabetes monitors and insulin pumps is a safe thing to do.

Plus until the 12th of September, we have our Back to School NB Plus offer which you can find here.


BMJ Sweeteners


BMJ Cod liver oil

Lancet autoimmune & CVD risk

Lancet statins & muscle pain

NEJM Open-source automated insulin delivery systems

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