S3 E15: Gout and CV events; early identification of colorectal cancer; barriers to shared decision making in multimorbidity

3rd August 2022

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Welcome to a new Hot Topics Podcast from NB Medical with Dr Neal Tucker.  It's the summer holidays! We hope a little pressure is off at your practices and you might even get a break yourself. 

In this podcast, we discuss the latest news including whether GPs simply aren't working hard enough and debate a £10 charge for DNAs.

In research, we look at new data from JAMA suggesting patients are at increased risk of MI shortly after a flare of gout, a fantastic paper in the BJGP presenting data showing how it may be possible to improve early identification of colorectal cancer based on common symptoms and blood results, and more from the BJGP with qualitative research exploring the barriers to shared decision making in patients with multimorbidity.


JAMA Gout and acute CVD

BJGP Early Identification of CRC

BJGP Shared decision making and multimorbidity

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