S2 E8 - GP and the Environment - interview with Terry Kemple; BP meds & falls; Semaglutide & weight loss; a little COVID...

12th February 2021

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Welcome to another Hot Topics Podcast!

As we rapidly vaccinate the UK our thoughts today turn to the longer term and how environmental issues affect our patients and what practices can do about it.

Neal Tucker is joined by Terry Kemple, GP and founder of the Green Impact for Health Toolkit, to chat about how practices can make positive changes to save money, improve the health of our patients now, and help save the world in the longer term. Too much for general practice? A year ago I might have said yes, but now I think we can do anything.

We also talk about COVID  vaccine efficacy and how PCNs might help my summer holiday, plus the latest research - do BP meds cause falls (the surprise answer) and a new treatment for weight loss that actually works. If you can stomach it...


Green Impact for Health Toolkit

Pfizer vaccine efficacy after single dose

BMJ Antihypertensive therapy and falls

NEJM Semaglutide and weight loss