S2 E5 - Covid vaccines, the story continues... & BP meds and statins for 100 year olds.

4th December 2020

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There's really only one topic of conversation: COVID vaccines, when will we get them, how do we give them and what's going to happen about Christmas...

In this latest episode, Neal Tucker discusses the latest on general practice's role in vaccinating the nation, mistakes in the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine trial, the cost of vaccines and vaccinating, and how to keep thing below minus 70 degrees.

We also have a look at some new research examining whether it really matters which blood pressure medication we give first, and two papers suggesting 100 year-olds should get statins.


BMJ What do we know about the covid vaccines?

BMJ 1st BP med

Lancet LDL levels and CVD risk in the elderly

Lancet Efficacy of Lipid Lowering

West Yorkshire Healthy Hearts Algorithm

BMA COVID guidance