26th May 2021

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Approach a wounded animal with caution. Someone should have told this to NHS England before they wrote THAT letter. In this podcast, in classic GP style, we reflect on how this makes us feel and come to the only obvious conclusion. (We've kept it family friendly...)

Meanwhile, Neal Tucker has a look at new research on COVID vaccinations and their efficacy against variants from around the world. New data on long covid which begs the question where is the tsunami we were expecting? Also getting to the heart of general practice, is there a role for grommets in recurrent acute otitis media? And finally what intervention has an NNT of 8 to prevent death in diabetics? Here's a clue: it isn't a medication.


Lancet Efficacy of Pfizer vaccine against UK variant

BMJ Efficacy of AZ/Pfizer against Indian variant

NEJM Efficacy of AZ against South African variant

BMJ Re-infections from Brazilian variant

BMJ Clinical sequalae after acute covid

NEJM Grommets or medicine for recurrent acute otitis media

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