S2 E12 - Remote consulting and the state of GP; Antidepressant withdrawal techniques; Blood pressure lowering for normotensives; Vagus nerve stimulation after stroke

7th May 2021

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Welcome back! Neal Tucker takes you through the latest Hot Topics podcast from NB Medical.

In this edition after a "cry for help" from a UK practice written in a 16-page letter to patients we look at new research in the BJGP on remoting consulting and ask for your thoughts on the state of general practice.

Are we complicit in pathologising normal life? 8% of the population are on anti-depressants - what does new research tell us about how to withdraw them?

We also explore new research on the benefits of lowering blood pressure even when it's not low, and how to improve motor recovery after stroke.


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BJGP paper on remote consulting

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Lancet Paper on Vagus Nerve Stimulation after stroke