S2 E11 - Headaches, AZ and Thrombosis; Green Light for Inhaled Steroids in GP; Risk of death on discharge post-COVID

16th April 2021

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The big news this week has been the risk of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis post-AZ vaccine and it's been giving us all a headache, but this has overshadowed further new data confirming benefit of inhaled corticosteroids for acute mild covid and guidance that we can offer this to older patients on a case-by-case basis.

In the latest Hot Topics podcast Neal Tucker discusses the facts, figures, management and ethics of post-AZ vaccine thrombosis, reviews the Principle trial showing we now have a viable treatment for mild covid; and data on the rate of multi-organ dysfunction and death at 4 months post-hospital discharge for covid.


MHRA data on AZ vaccine and thrombosis risk

CDC Data on Johnson&Johnson vaccine and thrombosis risk

CDC Data on Transmission Reduction

STOIC trial Lancet Resp

Principle trial

NHS recommendations from the Principle trial data

BMJ post-covid syndrome data

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