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S3 E6 - Stating the obvious, treatment time after VTE and CVA; best meds for obesity

14th January 2022

Happy New Year! Welcome to a new episode of the Hot Topics podcast with Neal Tucker.

S3 E5 - The Omicron song, vaccine clinics and what we've achieved this year

16th December 2021

Welcome everyone to the last Hot Topics podcast for 2021! 

S3 E4: The RTI surge song, NICE depression or not, Long Covid guidance, balloon bariatric surgery

26th November 2021

Welcome back to another Hot Topics podcast from NB Medical with Dr Neal Tucker.

S3 E3 - Rescuing ourselves with a shared vision; funding GP & multimorbidity; empagliflozin for HFpEF; AF - to screen or not to screen

22nd October 2021

In this latest Hot Topics Podcast, Dr Neal Tucker reflects on the NHSE Rescue Package and asks if we are going to strike are we clear what we want general practice to be? Time for us to make up our minds.

S3 E2 - The press, corporations & conspiracies; ondansetron for kids with gastro; PHQ9, what is it good for?

7th October 2021

In this latest episode of the Hot Topics podcast, Neal Tucker considers why the press have been attacking general practice and who stands to gain. We also look at new research in to giving anti-emetics for children with gastroenteritis, the accuracy of PHQ9 in the assessment of depression and what are safe levels of air pollution.

S3 E1 - Heath secretaries, COVID boosters, Quadpill for BP & Cannabis for pain

17th September 2021

Welcome, to Season 3 of the Hot Topics podcast with Dr Neal Tucker.

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