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S2 E13 - Wounded animals

26th May 2021

Approach a wounded animal with caution. Someone should have told this to NHS England before they wrote THAT letter. In this podcast, in classic GP style, we reflect on how this makes us feel and come to the only obvious conclusion. (We've kept it family friendly...)

S2 E11 - Headaches, AZ and Thrombosis; Green Light for Inhaled Steroids in GP; Risk of death on discharge post-COVID

16th April 2021

The big news this week has been the risk of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis post-AZ vaccine and it's been giving us all a headache, but this has overshadowed further new data confirming benefit of inhaled corticosteroids for acute mild covid and guidance that we can offer this to older patients on a case-by-case basis.

S2 E10 - Inhaled steroids for COVID in GP; risk of COVID in adults with kids; 3 days of antibiotics for pneumonia; more semaglutide stuff

26th March 2021

Big news in this new Hot Topics podcast as we discuss very positive data on the role of inhaled budesonide for early mild COVID in community-based patients - the STOIC trial may radically change our management of COVID but why hasn't this been a huge story and should we wait to change our practice?

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