Hot Topics Clinic September 2019

Primary Care Nurse webinar on common skin conditions 

There are a lot of conditions we see and problems we face in primary care which rarely appear in the literature and these will be our focus in the Hot Topics Clinics. This webinar will be a supplement to our main course and feature topics we have not presented on the main course. 

Skin conditions in primary care can be difficult to manage. In this complimentary webinar we will discuss 3 very common skin condition problems; how do we assess them, what complications can arise, what are the red flags we need to be aware of, and what is the latest evidence for the best line of treatment?

  • Ben is 18 and has a pustular rash on his face. How do we assess him?
  • Margaret is 80 and has a pre-tibail laceration. What is the best, most up to way for managing this?
  • Anya is 25 and desperate for help with the painful, sore cracked lips that are stopping her from eating. How can we help?

You will be able to claim 1 CPD credit for this one hour webinar.

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This webinar is worth 1 CPD Credit